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Optophonic has created video products for all sorts of media ranging from video for use on 3G phones and the internet, to TV & cinema advertisements.

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Sponsor a Child: World Vision
World Vision’s latest TV and radio ad campaign focuses on the plight of the people of rural Uganda, where simple requirements like running water, medical supplies and food are scarce. Through the latest “Sponsor a Child” campaign, World Vision hope to raise enough money to build schools and wells in the area, dramatically decreasing mortality rates and increasing quality of life. Optophonic produced and directed this latest radio and TV ad campaign. world vision
SAP Dublin: SAP
In a company as big as SAP, which employs 36,000 people worldwide, effective internal communication is essential. Optophonic recently produced a video explaining the work of the SAP’s Dublin headquarters to the rest of SAP’s operations around the world. The video proved so successful, it was awarded best video at the SAP Annual Conference at their Headquarters in Mannheim, which has proved a major coup for Dublin’s SAP operation. world vision
A New Partnership: Enterprise Ireland/Irish Embassy, Russia/Agtel
The Irish Embassy in Russia wanted to create a promotional package to attract potential Russian Investors to Ireland. It turned to Optophonic and Agtel to create this package which includes information sheets and a DVD. The DVD production was carried out at Optophonic. Russia
Feel the Machine: McGowan’s Printers/Agtel
McGowan Printers, now the largest printers in Ireland, wanted to celebrate the launch of their Dublin City Centre branch with a bang. A high-impact advertisement was the answer, showing off their new printing plant, and the super-glossy prints coming off their new high-tech presses.
Bank of Scotland, Ireland: Bank of Scotland/Agtel
Bank of Scotland required a video to announce their arrival in Ireland and they turned to Agtel and Optophonic to create a dynamic video piece reflecting the new vibrant Ireland of the 21st century. Bank of Scotland
Steering a New Course : Bord Iascaigh Mhara/Agtel
Bord Iascaigh Mhara required a DVD and information pack for their members to explain the newest developments in European and Irish legislation, and the proposed future development of the fishing industry. The DVD proved to be a highly effective way of communicating with its members.
Be Part of it : Simon Coveney/Fine Gael
Fine Gael wanted to attract the younger voter into the polling stations for the 2007 election, and this ad proved highly successful. It was aired in cinemas, as well as being marketed virally on the internet and on mobile phones.
Ireland: The Food Island: Bord Bia/Agtel
Bord Bia was one of the major sponsors of the Ryder Cup in Ireland. All video promotional material, including international advertising for Bord Bia’s Ryder Cup campaign was created by Optophonic in assocation with Agtel. This included a 30 second advert screened across Europe.
The Creative Experience: Creative Labs/Agtel
Together with independent television company Agtel, Optophonic has produced the “Creative Experience” series of retail advertisements for the latest range of MP3 players, speakers and soundcards from Creative Labs. Creative Labs, the inventors of the Sound Blaster sound card, and pioneers in the world of portable MP3 players, media players, and surround sound systems, required a frenetically paced video piece to introduce their main European buyers to their new range.
Easy Park – Your Parking Solution : Easy Park
Parking solution gurus at Easy Park are about to embark on creating the largest automatic car park in the world, here in Ireland. Cars will be driven into a bay and then delivered automatically by lifts to perfectly sized spaces. This vibrant new company wanted to show builders, developers, and individuals the possibilities with Easy Park’s unique products. Comhairle is a new website designed to promote awareness of issues surrounding disability. Comhairle, the creators of commissioned Optophonic to create a televison ad, which has been aired continually on terrestrial television over the past few weeks. The ad was entirely created using stills, without any live action.
SAP on the Box: SAP
Optophonic create an internal magazine programme series to improve communications within SAP, Europe’s largest software company. The series, called “SAP on the Box” is made by Optophonic with the help of SAP employees. The aim of the series is to communicate important messages with employees, and has the added benefit of improving employee morale.
Jack L: Dara Records
Project Type: Music Videos, TV Ads, CD ROM Content
Involvement: Editing

Promotional video work for Jack L is carried out at Optophonic, including music videos, ads, DVDs, and enhanced CD content. Recent projects for Jack-L include his new “Momento” DVD, and his Sex/Death/Brel DVD.

SIMI – Your Organisation: SIMI/Agtel
The Society of the Irish Motor Industry is a representative group for everyone in the motor industry, including car dealers, distributors, service stations, franchisers, and repair garages. Optophonic have created a video for the SIMI’s latest conference. It will also be used at roadshows around the country, and will be distributed on DVD.
Pauline & Victoria’s African Adventure: World Vision
Pauline McLynn and Victoria Smurfit’s trip to deepest Africa to meet their World Vision sponsored children captured the imagination of the Irish public. Optophonic sent a video crew to document their journey.

Video highlights from the trip are currently being used by the national media in an effort to show the need for sponsorship and aid in Africa.

For more information go to the World Vision web site.

Make the Difference: The Aisling Foundation
The Aisling Foundation’s “Make the Difference” conferences held around the country used Optophonic for video inserts and A/V consultancy. The “Make the Difference” conferences, funded by the Department of Enterprise and Employment, aimed to show how people with disabilities can be an excellent addition to the workforce. Aisling
Breaking the Barriers: Department of Foreign Affairs
Breaking the Barriers is the largest conference of Ireland’s EU presidency. It concerns the issue of HIV/AIDS in Europe. The Breaking the Barriers conference, broadcast all over Europe, included video inserts created by Optophonic interspersed with internationally renowned speakers, including Bishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Bob Geldof and Mary Robinson. A DVD of the conference, also created at Optophonic, is available to attendees.
Ability: The Aisling Foundation
Project Type: Conference Video, Training Video, TV programme
Involvement: Compositing and Editing

Caroline Casey’s trip across India on an elephant brought her onto the public arena. She has gone on to set up the Aisling Project, an organisation attracting awareness to the positive influence people with disabilities can have in all aspects of our daily lives. Optophonic is working on a ongoing basis with the Aisling Project. “Ability”, a conference about disability in the workplace, took place in Dublin Castle. Video inserts by Optophonic, showing interviews with people with disabilities in the workplace were interspersed with speakers such as Denis O’Brien and Heather Mills. The conference was also recorded on 3 cameras for use in a training video.