Music showreel
Optophonic has created the musical signatures for many brands, as well as providing incidental music for films, TV programmes and CD-ROMs.

See the video on the left for some examples, or click here to hear an mp3. (128kbps – 3 mins – 3.1MBs).

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Sponsor a Child – World Vision
TV & Radio Ad Campaign Music

World Vision’s latest TV and radio ad campaign focuses on the plight of the people of rural Uganda, where simple requirements like running water, medical supplies and food are scarce. Music has proven to be an important part of the identity of this campaign.

world vision
Be Part of it – Simon Coveney/Fine Gael
Cinema & Web Ad Campaign Music

Fine Gael wanted to attract the younger voter into the polling stations for the 2007 election, and this ad proved highly successful. It was aired in cinemas, as well as being marketed virally on the internet and on mobile phones.

“Ear to the Ground” – Agtel Communications/RTE
TV Series Signature Tune/Stings

Agtel has returned to Optophonic for the composition of their latest signature tune for Ear to the Ground, their longest running series. Now in it’s 11th year, ETTG is the longest running independent television programme commissionsed by RTE, and attracts a huge viewership. It is broadcast every Thursday evening at 8:30pm.

“Accidents Don’t Just Happen ” - Health and Safety Authority
Radio & TV Ad Campaign Music

The Health and Safety Authority required foreboding and threatening music to accompany their new ad campaign about safety in the workplace. Music and picture work tightly together to tell the story.

“Aertel – It’s All There” – RTE Interactive
Radio and TV Ad Campaign Signature Music

RTE Interactive requested “modern electronica” for their new campaign to promote “Aertel”, their teletext service. The music had to be up-to-the-minute, without alienating older viewers; thus reflecting the brand’s image of “accessible modernity”

“Tourism Ireland”
Incidental Music

Tourism Ireland’s new promotional video features an 8-minute soundtrack composed and recorded at Optophonic. Tourism Ireland’s brief was very specific and timescales were very tight, but it was important to maintain an incredibly high standard as this product would represent Ireland all over the world.

“Sviatlana” – Zero One
CD-ROM Incidental Music

Sviatlana is the story of a Belarusian woman who has lived to tell the story of the Chernobyl disaster. The exhibition has just returned from New York where it was shown as part of the “Living with Chernobyl” series. Sviatlana has already won numerous awards around the world, including at Milia 2002, EMMA 2002 and Europrix 2002.

“Ruhama” – Joe Lee
Documentary Incidental Music

Street prostitution has become a serious problem in Ireland, especially in the major cities, where 90% of prostitutes are drug users. This 20-minute documentary explores the work of Ruhama, a voluntary organisation set up to help women involved in prostitution. The music consists of one 20-minute ambient piece specially composed to picture.

“Eolas Recruitment”
Music Branding

Eolas recruitment wanted a very strong musical identity to run through all their material, from their CD-ROMs to their phone system. This music is used on their corporate e-card, website and phone system.

“Garraí Úr” – Agtel Communications/RTE
TV Series Signature Tune/Stings

TG4′s home-grown schedule was given a serious boost by this upbeat gardening programme. The theme music reflects the “against the clock” or “Mission Impossible” nature of the programme.