A Midsummer Night Session : Dervish

The first DVD release from this brilliant group of musicians documents a live recording at this infamous “Shebeen”. All DVD post-production and design was carried out at Optophonic.

Playboy of the Western World : The Abbey Theatre

The Abbey Theatre’s “Page and the Stage” series of educational DVDs continunies with this record of the making of the latest production of the Playboy of the Western World. Directed by Joe Lee, this DVD takes a behind the scenes look at the proces of bringing the play from the page to the stage. DVD design & authoring and audio post-production was carried out at Optophonic.

Breaking the Barriers: Department of Foreign Affairs

Breaking the Barriers was the largest conference of Ireland’s EU presidency. It concerns the issue of HIV/AIDS in Europe. The Breaking the Barriers conference, broadcast all over Europe, included video inserts created by Optophonic interspersed with internationally renowned speakers, including Bishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Bob Geldof and Mary Robinson. A DVD of the conference, also created at Optophonic, is available to attendees.


Dublin’s talk station wanted a slick marketing ploy to show off their presenters. Audio highlights can be heard on this business card sized CD-ROM, along with their TV ad, news clippings, competition info and contact details.

“75 Years of RTE Radio” – Rakata/RTE

This ambitious CD-ROM celebrates 75 years of Radio in Ireland. Rakata required specialised A/V expertise to carry out this project and came to Optophonic for advice and services. The result is a highly polished CD-ROM product.

“RRD Conference” – Rural Resource Development

The Rural Resource Development Project are a group whose main aim is to “put people at the centre of things”. For the last 5 years they have run conferences and published books about various social issues. This CD-ROM, which is distributed to schools and colleges, contains information on their conference in Ennis, Co. Clare, including a hour of video from from the conference.